Disney Frozen

Frozen is the 2013 Walt Disney Animation Studios musical remake of the classic story The Snow Queen. The Frozen film was set in the fictitious mountains of Arendelle.

Frozen is a story based on two protagonists. The two main characters are Elsa, the queen of Arendelle and her sister, Anna. As children, Elsa and Anna were close. After an accident caused by Elsa’s icy powers almost killed Anna, the King and Queen locked Elsa away from the world. Elsa remained behind closed doors, afraid of her powers and distant from her sister until the death of her parents.

From there, Frozen tackles the hurdles that Elsa faces as Queen. She is forced to meet new people after years of isolation. Elsa is also afraid of what her powers can do. After a disagreement with her sister, Elsa’s powers accidentally discovered. When members of the court call for her capture, Elsa flees Arendelle for the North Mountain. The resulting winter storm forces Anna to search for Elsa.

Anna’s journey is eventful. She meets an Iceman called Kristoff, who with the help of a snowman named Olaf, help her find Elsa, who by then is The Ice Queen. Their reunion is bittersweet and ends with Elsa accidentally freezing Anna’s heart. Anna’s life, it is said, can only be saved by an act of love.

Instead of the usual ‘revived by a prince’s kiss’ ending of most fairy tales, Frozen’s ending highlights another form of love. In the end, Anna tries to save Elsa from persecution by giving up her life. Anna’s act of love ends up saving her, and together with Elsa, they return Arendelle to its former glory.

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